Black Jack's Last Mission

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Shot in 16mm film, the documentary contains stunning underwater color footage of the old plane, inside and out, and Ralph De Loach’s moving reunion with his rescuers, all combined with totally authentic wartime combat footage and comprehensive background on the Flying Fortress.

The film was completed in 1988 and was screened in primetime on the ABC television network in Australia. It was also shown on National Geographic’s Explorer program in the United States. Julia Mair of National Geographic called the archival and underwater footage “astonishing . . . a really fine film”.

New DVD Version
Black Jack was released as a VHS tape 20 years ago but that did not do justice to the stunning underwater scenes. Justin Taylan of Pacific Wrecks took up the challenge of bringing Black Jack’s Last Mission into the 21st Century. Now digitally re-mastered and enhanced it looks better than ever!

There’s also an “extra” that we’re really pleased and proud to be able to include: an interview with 89 years old George Prezioso, the radio operator and probably last surviving "Black Jack" crew member. Justin took him to visit the Collings Foundation B-17 in September 2008 and the memories came flooding back.

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